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The Misconceptions of Independence- Volume 1

"Is My Client's Money Safe?"

May 2016

Erik Mora

“Is My Client’s Money Safe?”




When I first made the move from wholesaling to join an independent firm, this was the most common question I was asked. “Erik, if your job is to get advisors like me to move to an independent firm, how do you expect our clients to go from my current BIG firm to a “small firm account” they may never have heard of?” At first, I was confused as to what they meant by “account.” Then I realized they thought the client’s money was being held at the firm  (and that wasn’t as safe as their BIG firm’s accounts.) I quickly helped them understand clients’ accounts were not always held with the independent firm, but most RIA firms, choose large custodian’s like Charles Schwab or Fidelity. Most were shocked and slightly confused. My reply to them was “Do you think a Schwab account is as safe as your current firm’s account?”   

I think the safety of a client’s money is the biggest misconception of independence because of a lack of understanding on what it means to be independent. In the purest sense, an independent advisor has the choice of where they custody client assets. The custody options for your clients are endless, with some of the more popular being the large institutions and brand names that most clients know. (Schwab, Fidelity, TD Ameritrade, Pershing, etc.) The advisor also has the option to use more than one custodian. This gives the advisor the greatest flexibility to run their practice the way they want. The custodian works to get the advisor’s business because they understand the advisor has choices. This is important to understand because this puts the advisor in the best position, which ultimately puts the client in the best position for pricing, service and overall transparency.

I completely understand the initial thought process advisors have, as described above. The concern for many advisors is that their clients “know” their firm and if they go independent there may not be that “brand name” recognition. Sure, you will find plenty of smaller, less well-known institutions to custody client assets as an independent, but you also have the large ones I mentioned above. I agree that brand name matters, but the good new is, as an independent advisor you can provide your client some great brand names that will instill confidence and safety. 


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