Are You Considering
a Move to Independence?
For the right advisor, a move to independence can provide you the freedom you deserve. Our current partners agree that the transition to being an independent advisor has exceeded their expectations. While there are many benefits to independence, these are the ones we hear most.
From Transition
and Beyond
Partnering with Freedom Partners gives you the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the higher income typically associated with being an independent advisor as well as the long-term benefits of owning your business. In addition, you will receive the hands-on support you’ve grown accustomed to at your current firm. We handle every aspect of your transition. We help you select your custodian and other vendors, set up your new office, and work with you on your client transition paperwork. You don't need to worry about the intricacies of technology, HR, and insurances. Our partnership extends beyond your transition, as we run your back-office for you as an independent advisor. You can focus on your client and prospective clients. We handle everything else. We are confident our partnership will help you save time, make more money, maximize your enterprise value, and help you deliver the unique and thoughtful client experience you envision.
You Don't Have
to Break the Bank
At the end of the day we know advisors want great support, but often the cost for good help is prohibitive. Our solution is cost effective, transparent, and our goal is that we pay for ourselves. Our Freedom Income Statement outlines all the costs of your business so you fully understand your bottom line. You continue to control your business while we work on your behalf to run your business. We leverage our strategic partners to provide expertise and create cost efficiency. All our current partners net 68%-75% after all expenses.