But Seeking Freedom
Being an independent advisor doesn’t always guarantee your freedom. We believe many existing independent advisors “wear too many hats” and parts of their business suffer from lack of time. Freedom Partners is a partnership that is designed to give you back your time, so you have the freedom to choose how you spend it. Freedom Partners takes care of everything from A-Z. We provide ongoing hands-on and in-office support so you can focus on your clients and prospective clients while we handle everything else.
Your Next Level
The simple truth is the best usually keep getting better. If you are an advisor looking to get to your next level, Freedom Partners can help. The hands-on support we provide you is focused on increasing revenue, reducing costs, and helping you build long-term enterprise value. We have proven processes that focus on refining the people, processes, and poetry of your business. We are confident we can make a difference in your business and our Freedom Income Statement and strategic planning discussion will show you how. Don’t believe us? Talk to one of our current partners.
Take the
Freedom Challenge
At the end of the day we know advisors want great support, but often the cost for good help is prohibitive. Our solution is cost effective, transparent, and our goal is in the long run we pay for ourselves. The Freedom Challenge is how we show you the major impact we can make on you and your business. We work with you to create your Freedom Income Statement which will show how we will positively affect your bottom line. Our Freedom Income Statement outlines all the costs of your business so you fully understand where your money goes. We leverage our strategic partners to provide expertise and create cost efficiency. All our current partner’s net 68%-75% after all expenses. Let Freedom Partners set you free. Let’s talk.